Our employees have a great motivation and service mentality. Also our employees they identify themselves with the company and their targets through a constantly exchange of information and included in processes of decisions over all hierarchical levels.


In the team we have created a model company, which gives us the guide of
the culture of our company. The human stands in the middle of our daily work. Engaged employees provide reliable performance to save the trust of our clients.


We maintain a close work with our customers and also with our powerful
partners. All employees are creating a good work environment through their team spirit. Always we are educating ourselves to be equal to the requirements.
Commitment and knowledge also treatment of environmentally conscious keeps us the high value and the faith of our customers.


Decisions out of share responsibility make us flexible, innovative and

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bmk españa

logistica y transportes S.L.

Calle Mistral s/n

46190 Ribarroja / Valencia


tlf.: +34 960 611 518

fax: +34 961 101 202

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tlf.: + 34 960 611 518

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